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Team Previews for, yes, 2011-12: Southwest Division

The lockout won't stop us bloggers from ripping our team's weaknesses, creating strengths where they're thin, and underrating the actual strengths -- no it won't.

Jeff Clark's organized bloggers to preview their team and those for the Southwest Division set a great standard -- as does that division. The lockout will likely hinder free agent moves that shake up the league, the writers paint clear pictures of their teams without illusion, and raise multitudes of reasonable questions that won't be antiquated at any point during the season.

Personally, this division was my favorite every night of last season. I said before last season that it wouldn't be surprising if every team finished above .500, yet the division still didn't cease to amaze.

The top seed in the West was not the NBA champion and the #8 seed in the West knocked off the top seed in the first round of the 2011 playoffs. All three of those surprising teams -- the Spurs, Mavericks, and Grizzlies -- came from this Southwest Division. The Hornets' new head coach, Monty Williams, showed himself to be one of the better ones in The Association with Chris Paul having an MVP-type of season; and the Rockets followed up winning 43 games, despite losing Yao Ming forever early in the season, by hiring Kevin McHale as their new sideline general.

Here are the previews: