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NBA 'expected to cancel preseason games' Friday; Regular season 'also is in danger of being postponed'

We're officially at the moment of the 2011 NBA lockout which basketball lovers have dreaded.

The owners' of the NBA locked out the players 83 days ago. Friday, the start of the league's training camps will be postponed and all preseason games from Oct. 3 through Oct. 15 will be cancelled, Adrian Wojnarowski reported today after a meeting between the league and the players' union:

A league source told Y! Sports on Wednesday that the league was prepared to announce the delay of the preseason by the end of the week if no progress was made in Thursday’s meeting. Silver said the sides hope to meet again next week.

The NBA’s training camps were expected to open Oct. 3 and six exhibition games were scheduled for Oct. 9. The league is expected to cancel exhibition games through Oct. 15 on Friday and then re-evaluate the final two weeks of the preseason on Oct. 1. The scheduled Nov. 1 start to the regular season also is in danger of being postponed.

Remember when you were told that the NFL lockout would serve as some sort of a mirror? Those were the good ol' days The NFL missed out of offseason team activities and the Hall of Fame Game -- both of which everyone hated anyway -- but real on-court, on-the-record, competition at the highest level in the history of the game of basketball is at the highest risk since the shortened 1998-99 season.

The negotiating parties seemingly cannot come to an agreement. You -- Bulls fans, NBA-ophiles, and basketball lovers: what say you? Is your interest, passion, enthusiasm at risk? How much?