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Bulls abroad at Eurobasket and elsewhere, and another lockout link dump

Random stuff (as if there's anything else) from the last few days, leading off with our latest McGraw-powered Eurobasket2011 update:

[Joakim] Noah skipped the 96-69 loss to Spain because of doctor's order, according to

"The doctor asked me not to play Joakim Noah," France coach Vincent Collet said. "He has a calf problem, so I followed (the doctor's) advice. Tony felt tired after the last couple of games and we decided to make him rest."


Bulls center Omer Asik won't be playing in next year's Olympics. Turkey lost to Serbia 68-67 on Sunday and failed to reach the quarterfinals at the European championships.

After recovering from a broken leg suffered in the Eastern Conference finals against Miami, Asik averaged 9.0 points and 8.5 rebounds at the European Championships

Bummer for Asik and team Turkey, as McGraw pointed out: they were 2nd in the world championships last summer. Noah's next game is Thursday in the single-elimination quarterfinals of the tournament. Spain has also qualified through their play in this tournament, so maybe we'll see draftee (and assumed savior and healer of all things unhealed) Nikola Mirotic in 2012.

Elsewhere around the globe, I believe this represents both extreme ends of the spectrum that is Bulls-overseas:

Speaking of Rose, this made me giggle satisfyingly.

Now to the anti-giggles (and quick site announcement!), after the jump: LOCKOUT 2011: The Further Lockening.

There was immediately depressing news out of yesterday's meetings, but in the hours since, the general observational consensus is that maybe we should just chill and it's likely just posturing on both sides. And perhaps there's even good news in that apparently most of the BRI % split issue is resolved. So as to not feed that beast of getting to high or low following what's going on, I'll provide editorial-free (ok, some editorial) direction to commentary elsewhere:

As bad as it looks now, it's at least looking better than it did in '98. As its always been, things likely won't get really going until the threat of games-missed comes to the fore.

[And on that possibly-misused phrase, quick site announcement: I'm outta here for a couple weeks without much internet access. Alex Sonty from Load O' Bull will be guest blogging here, which is exciting. Help him out by both not being turds, and giving him some sidebar content. To that last point, remember: FanPosts first! (ugh, you guys never remember...)]