How much better can Luol get?

Consistently hitting 3's, dunking the ball, not watching people tie their shoes... Luol Deng is finally getting it together, and I for one must give the guy credit. After a great year, I found myself wondering what's next for Lu.

For the record, I'm not a statistics kinda guy, I simply watch every game and judge the players based on what I see throughout the season. For example: Deng - good year, Boozer - bad year. Way faster and easier than any other method.

Last season was obviously Luol Deng's best season, statistics or no statistics. But I can't see how he can improve his game to a higher level than where he's currently at. And then you need to factor whether he can stay decently healthy just to play as well as he did.

So was Deng's season a one time thing? Good health, found a shooting groove, surprised other teams with his range (behind the 3 line instead of on it), all things that could quickly change.

Or maybe it's more of a standard for the rest of his contract? Same supporting cast, same role, same production.

Or could he be consistently getting better every year? Maybe he works on his ball handling and can drive to the basket more often, then really start taking over games.

What do you think?

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