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NBA Lockout - Good News: Players and Owners are meeting. Bad News: Didn't go well

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 08/02/11 9:13 PM CDT: Things looking even worse. The league has filed suit against the players association, in a preemptive strike against the players' threat of union decertification. ]

Again (and again), not intending to be lockout central. But here's the latest from Ken Berger at CBSSports:

The NBA labor talks took on a poisonous tone Monday, with each side lobbing rhetoric about the other not being willing to negotiate. The coup de grace came shortly before 6 p.m., from commissioner David Stern.

Standing in a midtown hotel lobby after a nearly three-hour farce of a bargaining session – the first between the two sides since owners imposed a lockout on July 1 – Stern fielded one last question in a terse and decidedly glum media session. After saying, "I don’t feel optimistic about the players’ willingness to engage in a serious way," Stern was asked if he believes the players are bargaining in good faith, or not.

The grim-faced commissioner thought about it for several seconds and said, "I would say not. Thank you."

And with those comments, Stern’s most direct public assault on the players during the more than two years of bargaining, the NBA lockout took its next step toward all-out legal warfare.

There's more from both sides, and Mike Prada at Bullets Forever succinctly points out how Stern in particular is the one not acting in good faith, at least in terms of communicating to NBA fans.