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Deng and Noah's summer vacation, Adrian Griffin's PERMANENT vacation, Free Agent wings (Know your FanPosts/Fanshots)

Oh god, this lockout. As a reminder, ALWAYS check the sidebar for new stuff even as it slows to a trickle in this new horrible world we live in. For example, did you miss...

  • Joakim Noah will be playing ball this summer for Team France in the World Championships. I used to get upset at the idea of international competition hurting my precious Bulls, but this is maybe the best practical way for Jo to stay in shape as well as regain some of the offensive skillset he flashed pre-thumb injury.
  • Luol Deng is celebrating his heritage as well, in celebration of a significant occurrence in his native Sudan.
  • Bulls assistant coach Adrian Griffin is done with coaching. I'm sure he did a fine job, but...actually I have no idea what kind of job he did. KC can call him 'rising' and cite those saying Griffin suitable for head coaching material, but the hell water does that carry?
  • In related yet much older news, former Bulls assistant turned UC-gladhander Pete Myers is going back into coaching with the Warriors. I know he was bad. And before you all assume Brian Scalabrine is going to return from Europe and be the next great former-Bulls-scrub turned assistant, he really likes Rajon Rondo. Not such a hot-shot candidate now, is he?
  • More interesting (or repetitive and played out?) from the above Griffin link in the KC-carrying-water department is his trademarked bucket of the cold stuff!
    the Bulls' strategy will be to hope the new CBA makes it cost prohibitive for a team to keep some player who represents an upgrade over Bogans and then swoop in via trade or, less likely, some salary-cap exception. Most league observers believe such exceptions won't be included in the new CBA...A dream scenario would be for a steady veteran to join the Bulls for a minimum contract because the chance to win a championship is more important than a payday to him.
    That's right, DREAM. Though not about most of this list of wing free agents.I honestly don't understand why the Bulls (and I'm operating cynically under the assumption they're feeding KC some of this CBA speculation) from a personnel standpoint would hope their capped-out team wouldn't have exceptions to use, unless they really thought the league would implement an immediate hard cap, amnesty clause, etc. that would flood the free agent market. I do know they like the idea of character meaning taking less money and being thankful for doing so. (can you tell I'm sick of the lockout already?)