2011 Free Agency: Ranking the wings

From Zach Lowe We’ve taken a look at the teams that figure to have salary cap space and the class of big men that will enter free agency, whenever free agency begins. Now it’s time to dig into the wing players, a group of mid-level types, many of whom are either getting old or bring one-dimensional games. There isn’t a single easy ranking here, not even at the very top, and how each suitor ranks this group will obviously depend upon the needs and stature of that particular team. A franchise in win-now mode and without cap space might well prioritize using a slice of the mid-level exception (should it exist) on Grant Hill or Shane Battier rather than throwing more cash at a younger guy, such as Wilson Chandler or J.R. Smith. Here’s our best shot at finding the 20 best wing players: Or as I like to see it, the 20 best options. The top spot might surprise most of you