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ESPNChicago: "The last thing the Bulls want to do is add another high-salaried player"

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As if on cue, Nick Friedell takes the KC Johnson-brand bucket of cold water and attempts to dash any draft-night hopes:

The draft workouts at the Berto Center have already begun for the Bulls, who have Nos. 28 and 30 in the first round on June 23.

It's doubtful the Bulls will make a major move on draft night. The last thing they want to do is add another high-salaried player because of the uncertainty of the impending lockout and new collective bargaining agreement.

The safer bet is the Bulls will decide to make both selections. Yes, first-round contracts are guaranteed, but the salaries are relatively cheap and the Bulls need to fill out their bench. At present, the Bulls roster is fairly set. No matter whom the Bulls select, it will be tough to crack the rotation next season, especially given that the lockout will probably last so long that it will knock out all league sanctioned summer leagues and could wipe out any regular version of summer workouts and training camp.

The Bulls will be content to draft two players and let them learn Tom Thibodeau's system for a year or two.

The emphasis there is mine, in case you needed a visual aid to get into wall-punching mode.

The idea of filling out the bench of an already 'fairly set' roster indicates the deep deep bench, the slots that may be vacated by Pargo/Lucas, Scal, Rasual Butler, Kurt Thomas, and Keith Bogans. Oh, wait, that last guy was the starting two-guard.

I do wonder if stashing a European prospect is on the radar. Jokes aside, this roster is indeed already deep and talented to where what's found in the very-late first round may not help much.

But an active body would be useful if the idea proposed in Monday's post, dealing a handful of bench players for a high-priced 2-guard, was on the table. Whether there's a good basketball trade out there is certainly debateable. But to see Friedell (who's technically speculating, but no doubt has, as the common phrase goes, 'knowledge of the Bulls thinking') invoke the scary new CBA as reason for the Bulls to not even consider it is pretty disheartening.

If there's nothing out there that will improve the team in this arms race with the Miami Heat, fine. But if there's a better player available who isn't even being considered due to his salary, that's garbage. And the reasoning behind it is garbage as well.