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2011 NBA Draft: Gar Forman provides his own cold-water bucket

GM-speak from an award-winner at that title.

On their draft position:

I've always been a huge believer that you draft the best player available. When you're higher up in the draft, if you have two guys who are tiered closer together, then you go for need. When you're drafting as late as we're drafting, we're not necessarily going to go for need. We'll go for two guys who fit the culture we've created and hopefully make the rotation.

If you study the draft with those late picks at 28 and 30, more times than not it's not going to be an impact guy. We hope we can get an impact guy. Even if he isn't, we want to get someone who fits us and in two or three years can be a rotation guy.

There's way more potentially-nauseating stuff about character, makeup, etc. that I was going to quote, but it's pretty much the entire rest of the article.

This is certainly a low bar for Thursday night, effectively hoping that they're lucky enough to where one or more of these selections can cheap replacement for possible rotation departures in the future. There's mention of an expectation of not carrying all 3 draft picks on the roster (so expect an international stashing), but playing time would be tough to come by for even 2 rookies, so looking to get guys who at least won't disrupt Rose and the Chemistry-12 is practical, if not inspiring. Like, say, a trade would be:

"I do get the sense because of the unknown that there might not be as much movement as usual, in the situation we're in, we're having a lot of discussions. That's our job. Our plan as of today is we'll end up using those two picks."

Forman's just being realistic, and there's no advantage in showing your hand or at least speaking in grander terms (outside of making me feel better, which strangely isn't an Org. goal). With Rose, the Bulls are always going to be positioned to make a higher-stakes move than a lot of teams, so it'll always be a bit disappointing if nothing beyond keeping the picks happens on Thursday. There's certainly rumors involving other teams. But while two years ago the Bulls used their two late first-rounders, this time last year saw the surprising use of their pick to salary-dump Kirk Hinrich.

Not that we can glean how they're leaning based on what they say (or even what's rumored), but I just hope that they see the playing field on Thursday night as a unique circumstance, not simply an uncertain one.