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Sham's Bulls Offseason Plan: Finding the right shooting guard

Sham published one of his usual epic posts before the weekend, meticulously setting up and following through with his hypothetical offseason plan to improve the Bulls.

It involves some guesswork with the Bulls intentions and the new CBA, but what's more certain (and something I wholeheartedly agree with) is his assessment of the Bulls needs:

The most noticeable flaw is related to the shooting guard hole, and was the one roundly exposed by Miami. In their current guise, Chicago has only one ball handler, Derrick Rose. And if you take the ball out of his hands, Chicago has no other options.

Ronnie Brewer cannot dribble, and nor can Keith Bogans. Deng has never been able to do it unless he is playing for the Great British national team. C.J. Watson is a decent backup point guard on both ends of the court, and yet strangely, for a point guard, his handle is not great. You can therefore make a legitimate claim that Chicago's second best ball handler last season was its starting centre, Joakim Noah, the hands-down best player on the planet. But this is not much of a virtue, because unless it's his patented driving lefty layup high off the glass, Joakim is not in a position to do much with his ball handling ability, considering that he is no threat to make a shot from the perimeter.

Miami exposed this flaw by either double teaming Rose, or smothering him with bigger defenders, or both. When forced to give the ball up, Rose either turned it over on the jump-pass (which he does rather a lot), or gave it to someone who was quickly contested and who could do nothing with it. Chicago, therefore, lost its entire halfcourt offense. A Joe Johnson type alleviates this problem.


This entire post trusts that you agree with me about this need. If you do not, I implore you to watch the latter three games of the Bulls/Heat series. Even when it was close, it wasn't, because Miami could always turn the screw.

The need for more (and more and more) shooting is also mentioned, and to say 'there's more mentioned' in general is an understatement.

One player is targeted specifically and it may come as a surprise. It's not OJ Mayo (my first choice), who's interestingly dismissed by Sham as being 'unnecessarily prohibitive' to obtain with the blame going to Michael Heisley.

Anyway, check it out.