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2011 Playoffs Bulls - Hawks : Rose too shooty and the story from Atlanta (Game Four roundup links + know your FanPosts/FanShots)

  • Recaps from Kelly Dwyer and Peachtree Hoops really crystallize how exiting Game Four's performance is if one's a Hawks fan, yet with the inherent implication that it's rarer than it should be. Past performance matters, of course, but if it took having a chance to win a 2nd round series for the first time in franchise history to make things 'click' for this team, it wouldn't be that surprising of a causality.
  • I had a long and fairly rambling recap of my own that touched on a lot of issues with the Bulls in that game, but not once mentioned the Bennett Salvatore (this is why I liked replacement refs, we shouldn't know these dudes names/reputations. It's all I ask until the robot technology fully arrives) inadvertent whistle. There's a thread for that
  • Another big story, especially as it was talked about for an entire segment in the TNT post-game show (can't find that full segment online, but here's Marv Albert and Steve Kerr looking back and forward in this series), was Derrick Rose's shot volume. As Load O' Bull points out, at least it wasn't long-range jumpers, but I do think Rose was a little too self-reliant on some of those final drives. Though he's getting inside, that usually means attention has been drawn and an open teammate is out there. Now granted, his teammates were crud, but he was crud near the end as well. Meanwhile, SBNation's Tom Ziller looks at just how much Rose has been dominating possessions and how it stacks up against recent history.
  • This was posted in the comments of the recap, but, again: CBSSports has a detailed look at Rose's offensive possessions in the Bulls collapse to end game four. If anyone has a similar breakdown of the Bulls on defense, that'd be keen.
  • The NBA's All-Defense teams were announced today, with weird results. Noah made all-2nd team despite missing as many games as he did, Derrick Rose received some 1st place votes, and Luol Deng was nearly completely overlooked. You'd think the coaches would be able to have more sensible votes, but it's looking to be the case where somehow offensive reputation is getting players on these teams more than anything. Luol Deng's still MY defensive hero, if that gives him any solace (it shouldn't).
  • This story tickled me: Just...Noah's complete dismissal.