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2011 Playoffs Bulls - Hawks : Game Two roundup links + know your FanPosts/FanShots - All about Boozer (not the crowd)

A lot on Carlos Boozer today, the attention being drawn to him increasing by every poor game, and reaching a kind of flashpoint with the big 'booing' story we hashed over earlier today. And really, I'd prefer it stays there and doesn't go further, the crowd is of nearly insignificant importance (especially so in, ya know, Atlanta).

On to what the Bulls and Boozer can do.

  • First, a look at just how bad Boozer's been, for those who still aren't convinced. A PER under 10 don't lie, and it's not like he makes up for it in unmeasurables like team defense.
  • Coach Thibs is still sticking with Booz, which I ultimately agree with as a long-term necessity (and Taj Gibson is still no great starting PF shakes). He mentioning some other unmeasureables Carlos can provide, and maybe a bit of mere hoping.
    His rebounding is critical for us, post presence, people collapse on him, so it opens up a lot of things for everybody. So he's got to just keep doing what he's doing. Each day he'll get better and better....The thing is, he's nicked up. He's given us everything that he has, and that's all we're asking him to do. The rebounding hasn't dropped off at all. He'll score. He'll score. This guy has scored his whole career. He'll score for us.
  • Load O' Bull looks at Boozer's teammates (and Derrick Rose specifically) continued inability to maximize his quantity and quality of opportunities. While I think they're looking for him quite a bit and he's simply not finishing except on purely perfect looks, I get the point that if the alternative is Rose hoisting a 3-pointer there's little harm in still trying to go inside first.
  • Ah yes, Derrick Rose. His numbers are concerning as well. Though not so much when guarded by Jamal Crawford. When speculating before game two over Korver's effect on the offense and the matchup problems presented, it was more focusing on how Korver could stay with Crawford on defense. Here SI's Zach Lowe postulates (off of game two evidence) that Larry Drew is so worried about Crawford not sticking with Korver off-the-ball that he's willing to switch him onto Rose and put Teague on Korver, providing a mismatch in favor of both Bulls. 
  • Presenting the breakout star of game two: David Rose.
  • I suppose Jeff Teague's been surprising as well (more on Teague from
  • Solid note from Sam Smith's recap on how the Bulls were more agressive on man-defense and the double-team when it came to the Hawks perimeter:
    – Deng met Johnson high after Johnson had hurt the Bulls in the Hawks Game 1 win with 34 points. "I was more into him," said Deng. "I wanted to make him a driver. I knew the help was there, so just don’t give him a lot of space and then when he gives up the ball try to deny him." The Hawks’ scorers don’t like pressure defense, which the Bulls only discussed in Game 1 but failed to provide. Though Thibodeau said they showed on screens on Johnson in Game 1, it had to be a mirage. This time Johnson saw help as he came off every screen, and Kyle Korver came up to trap. Johnson tried to throw back to Korver’s man and sailed the ball out of bounds. The Hawks are terrible against pressure, generally failing to move or reverse the ball with any accuracy, their stand-and-admire offense not geared that way. "We did a poor job of shot selection," said Hawks coach Larry Drew. "That was our undoing." The larger question is when is it not.