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2011 Playoffs Bulls - Hawks: Game Two Prep: time to play Korver more?

As Doug (E NotSoFresh) Thonus from ChicagoNow noted, in a game where the Bulls lost by 8, Kyle Korver was a +17 in 16 minutes:

We need Kyle Korver to space the floor.   We need someone on the court who can hit shots at all times and take up defensive attention outside of Derrick Rose....

Defense doesn't win games.   Offense doesn't win games.    Scoring more points than your opponent, which is a combination of the two, wins games.   Kyle Korver hurts the defense, but he helps the offense twice as much.  

For the playoffs, the Bulls are averaging 10% better shooting and averaging 18 points per 48 minutes more scoring when Kyle Korver is in the game.   Get him on the floor for 30 minutes.   Wake up and smell what the opposing defense is doing out there just sitting with four guys in the paint laughing at our ability to knock down outside shots.

It's been a story all season, though mostly here phrased as an anyone-but-Bogans edict. Korver's on/off stats have been good all season, though I think some of that is skewed by his defense being hidden by the rest of the bench mob (a tremendous defensive lineup otherwise).

Mike McGraw counters (not by design, although...) with the assertion that it's hard for Thibodeau to find minutes for Korver when the Hawks trot out Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford at the wings, forcing Deng (or Brewer) to take one but leaving the other to our favorite cement-footed shooter.

And indeed, the Korver-on-Crawford matchup in game one on defense went noticeably poor (though overall it couldn't have been that bad if it ended up a +17 night for Korver). Rob Mahoney at the New York Times takes a look at the tape and effectively says: sure Korver's slow, but he tries. If you read it (which you should) it's more optimistic than that, and I suppose I took a different reaction from the video than he did.

Regardless, the point is fair: it's not about pretending that Korver is a good defender or that this is a good matchup for him, it's his effect on the overall lineup. If the Bulls ruin some of their defensive reputation but score more than enough points to make up for it, that's what we call a net victory. Even if the shot's not falling, his presence can help Rose and Boozer rebound from recent poor play. It may be worth a shot, especially if the only drawback is fewer minutes for Bogans or a banged-up Ronnie Brewer.

(next thread at tipoff)