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2011 Eastern Conference Finals: The Way it Ended

AKA Game 5 roundup links + know your fanposts/fanshots

I get the need to, at breakneck speed, immediately want to forget about what happened the past 4 games and start throwing out things like 'perspective' and 'reflection' on what was a fantastic season overall.

But there's an entire offseason (and then some, lockout pending) to do that. Before that, lets look again at Thursday night's game and remember how crappy it was. 'Look' as in literally, with video and stuff:

And finally, the Derrick Rose 'it's on me' presser. I guess what Rose has saying about learning from this is how I see the importance (relatively, in the case of this mostly useless site) of having a least a day to remember how awful this series went before going back over what went right. Remember how terrible this felt, and take it into next season as the goal to get better: maybe not improve on the win total, but make sure there's a better team more suited for a playoff series against Miami. 

And similar to that win total, Rose definitely has ways to improve even if circumstances keep him from ever winning MVP again. I know it's tempting to believe some kind of messianic quality in the kid when he has says these post-loss words about not letting things like bad decision-making and poor shooting happen again. But they did keep happening again, because these things happen no matter how much one wants to believe Rose can 'will' it otherwise. But unlike from game-to-game, an offseason is where Rose can really make a difference in his abilities. He's done it in previous summers and hopefully will do so again. No doubt he has motivation.