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A brief look at Bulls culture, i.e. (another) off-day fare

The extra (and then some) days off has likely made everyone a bit off, though the rest can't hurt in some respects. As much as game two was disconcerting, it was a game Miami needed most, and it's not as if their home-court advantage is anything to be especially fearful of.

The matchups are the same, strategy pretty much as well, so it's time to take a look at something perhaps less essential but interesting in its own way, as a couple of the beat writers profiled lesser-reported aspects of the Bulls Org.

Sam Smith has a story on the theme of perseverance that prevails in the assistant coaching staff, with a special nod to former Bull player Adrian Griffin. Griffin is like a lot on the staff (including head coach Tom Thibodeau) who didn't take a conventional or easy way to the NBA, and uses that experience as motivational tactic to the current team.

Meanwhile KC Johnson talks up his favorite should-be-coach on the roster, Brian Scalabrine, and what he still tries to bring to the team even though he's been inactive for the entire playoffs thus far.

I've often poked fun at the Bulls rampant desire to have an underdog mindset, the frequency at which they bring in former players back in the organization, and the way they sign pseudo-coaches to take up end-of-the-bench spots. My reasoning being I would prefer a more merit-based than loyalty-based structure, and think sometimes it hedges more towards the latter. But it's tough to argue much with the results we've seen this season, and knowing so many former Bulls are involved, and the 'underdog' theme does fit with a lot (though not all) of this team, it does help the storyline aspect of everything. Not as important as winning, of course, but still a neat thing to see.

If things read a bit off (and if the banner turns up), you should note this was indeed a sponsored post. But since Sam and KC get to use the uber-break between games to serve out some feel-goodery, I thought I might as well also. I know, I know: Game 3 needs to get here!