Your Game Two Sebastian Pruiti-ing

(combining two Pruiti fanshots into one FanPost, because...I dunno, I just like it better this way)

Bulls overthink the Korver Pick and Pop

take a look at a set the Bulls ran, taking the pick and pop and adding another twist off of it. However, this twist (running Korver off of a double pindown after releasing on the screen) actually made it easier for the defense to cover Korver.

Movement Off The Ball Makes It Easier For Miami

After running cuts just 7% of the time during the regular season, and just 6 in game one (6.6%), the Heat had 17 plays (out of 93, 18.3%) labeled as "cuts" by Synergy Sports technology, scoring 17 points on those cuts, with most of them being easy baskets.

If the Heat can get 17 "easy" points on this Bulls’ defense, it makes their job a lot easier and allows their defense to win the game for them (which happened in game two) because you are forcing the Bulls to score more points as well now.

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