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Bulls - Heat 2011 Eastern Conference Finals Game One HYPE: Matchups, matchups, matchups

It really needs to be 7pm about now-ish. And as surprisingly quick as this series turnaround has been, in other ways it seems like forever. And will continue to do so as they'll have the first three games in eight days.

I'm going to dump more links on you, the series previews I've encountered are certainly more interesting when talking about the actual matchup on the court, especially with the unorthodox Heat lineups (out of poor roster construction moreso than ingenuity). There's, of course, also the story of the Summer of 2010, retroactive (and likely embellished) Rose vs. Wade/James stuff, the Bulls being the sentimental (a real TEAM, you guys) favorite. And who am I kidding, this does mean more because the Heat, and especially LeBron James, are so damned hateable. 

But a lot of that will go away when these games actually begin, and we'll see two teams start to figure eachother out over the course of what will likely be a long series. And I'm trying to remind myself of that, even bracing for the likely game where the Heat obliterate the Bulls. It'll likely happen, but hopefully only once, and certainly hopefully not tonight. Game 1 is as exciting as it gets to see the first moves and countermoves, and what should be a really pumped up UC atmosphere.

On to the links!

So hopefully a day of reading keeps the anticipation from driving a Bulls fan insane. Game Thread at 7.