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As the final stretch of the regular season approaches, nervous but not fretting

I found this FanPost from yesterday regarding 'not feeling so good' about this team right now ultimately missing the mark, but still making me ponder where I stood.

I'm not worried, now. I suppose I'm nervous about the playoffs, but I've been that way all season to some varying degree. There's always the lingering doubt of a regular-season-mirage effect, especially with the defense. And it has started to look that way at times recently. But I'm not worried to the point where I especially need to see anything between now and the 2nd round to get more or less comfortable.

The Bulls are doing the most important thing they can right now, which is getting that #1 seed. Whether some victories (and especially starts) look ugly or not, they're winning the games. And the lead is getting so comfortable that perhaps not even upcoming matchups against Boston and Orlando will really mean that much, and thus neither provide worry nor comfort. I still foresee hard-fought and entertaining games, but not anything that will be a 'statement' either way.

We're ultimately talking about some slow starts and ineffective stints within games, which is relatively minor. It's the final stretch of a very long season, it happens.

This team will be ready for the playoffs. And if not, it won't matter since they don't have to be especially 'ready' to beat the Pacers handily. The rotation isn't going to be changed much, Bogans isn't going anywhere, and if that means the Bulls will always have some issues, well of course: but the other contenders have theirs as well.

But finally, and I don't mean this to undercut all of the preceding: if there is one legitimate concern that can be addressed in the final two weeks, it's getting Boozer and Noah working together effectively. And they can start with being on the court at the same time.