Is Anybody Else Feeling Not So Good About This Team?

This is the worst I've ever felt about a team that's gone 16-2 in their previous 18 games. We're getting these wins but they're masking some real issues with the squad, like that they don't want to play defense anymore. And our second and third best players can't play effectively together. And that the team is getting used to Rose bailing them out.

I don't like the make-up of how we're getting our wins. Slack off in the first quarter. Play a little tougher in the second quarter cause Thibs yells at us. Allow the other team to hang around in the third quarter. Clear out the way and let Rose play 1 on 5 in the fourth quarter.

Don't get me wrong. We're a good team. But we've developed some terrible habits that are going to bite us in the ass unless we fix them in the next couple of weeks. Last time I checked, Minnesota and Detroit won't make the playoffs.

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