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2011 Playoffs Bulls - Hawks notes: Hinrich may miss series, We only wish Boozer would

"chill....CHILL. I GOT this."
"chill....CHILL. I GOT this."

I'm kidding about the Boozer part of the headline, of course: The Bulls may not need a full-tilt Booz (whatever that is, anymore) against the Hawks, but they'll need him eventually. Boozer did not practice today, but no indications that he'd miss Monday's game.

And yes, as stated: I'm already looking ahead, because the Hawks just don't seem to pose that much of a threat. And to make matters worse for their chances, it appears that Kirk Hinrich may miss the entire series due to the hamstring strain he suffered in the Hawks first-round clincher. Backup PG Jeff Teague only played 9 minutes in that round, so we'll be seeing a lot more of him on Derrick Rose, and maybe some (ha) Jamal Crawford (hahaha). The Bulls strategy of playing 4-on-5 may allow Joe Johnson to take some time on Rose as well, but to me that seems like a guard too big.

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