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An end-of-season note on the team with the best record in the league

Shut up Boozer, you're ruining a tender moment here. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Shut up Boozer, you're ruining a tender moment here. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Playoff previews will start jumping soon, and Saturday morning (ugh) will come sooner than expected, so I wanted to get some reflections on virtual paper regarding the regular season that just completed on Wednesday night.

Everything about this season, culminating in having the best record not only in the East but the entire league, has been an incredible accomplishment. So good and unexpected that I'm partially absolved from my poor prognostication as I believe everyone was wrong (no?). From persevering through early injuries and schedule, to finishing the season with dominant results (if not always dominant play), to having only 1 division loss, to beating every single team in the league, to going 15-1 in their own division. Finishing with the league's best defense, and an above-average offense for the first time in seemingly forever. (second in victory margin though, stupid Heat). A team to where one of my worries to end the year was maybe they're playing too hard...that's the sign of a great season.

It all re-sets in the playoffs, though the Bulls now can enjoy the advantages in matchups and home-court that they earned in this season. But a seed is just a seed, nothing says you're the best team in the league besides the playoffs. In these 7-game series, there are few surprises and truths will be told: we'll find out just how good the Bulls are, moreso than the 82-game season did.

And maybe they don't quite make it, and aren't the best team in the NBA. But that would not be a failure tainting what we saw this season. No matter what their actual status as the league's best team, they absolutely no-doubt had the league's best season. And it's been pretty special to watch.