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Bulls 103, Knicks 90: Bulls not letting up for the finish, Brewer and Noah injured in victory

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Chicago 94.0 109.6 47.6% 28.9 30.0 13.8
New York 95.7 45.8% 16.9 11.4 11.7


Bulls have now beaten every team in the league, which doesn't really mean anything but is pretty neat.

What does mean something is Ronnie Brewer leaving in the 1st half after spraining his thumb when diving for a loose ball.

Joakim Noah also re-tweaked his ankle in the second half. Until then Noah looked better and more active throughout the game, though the box score didn't necessarily effect it with only 3 rebounds in his 28 minutes (plus, it was the Knicks front line without Amare Stoudemire). The sprain tonight looked bad, but Noah was on the bench and not the locker room, didn't receive any treatment, and Thibs even had him about to check in the game with a minute left. The rest of the starters were out there for the finish, too. For some reason.

Meanwhile, the Spurs are underway in L.A., and they've decided to rest their stars. If they insist on giving away that #1 overall seed, so be it I guess. The Bulls certainly were still playing for it. Hoping that it didn't cost any setbacks for Noah or Brewer.