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Links + know your fanposts/fanshots: Bashing Bosh, Stats stuff, Team Hype, MVP non-hype

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  • Oh, we sure had a lot of fun when it came to Heat-bashing this weekend, but this is my favorite.
  • And since it didn't make fun of Chris Bosh (who really is NBA-JayCutler in how even his peers feel the need to rip the guy, it's sort of bizarre), this fanshot got pushed down the page a bit, but worth mentioning again in light of YaoPau's lineup fun from earlier Tuesday. A deconstruction of Adjusted +/-. A post that looks so impressive I was scared to get too far into it.
  • The Bulls are (local) ratings gold. Keep up that revenue, fellas.
  • OK, they're clearly a national story too. The NBA has started their playoff hype train with 'coming attractions', with this one featuring Rose and the aptly-described 'don't say they're too young' Bulls.
    (I still say Rose's best commercials are when he doesn't speak, but he definitely has gotten better. Loved that 'we can play, man' line he gave at the end of the Heat game.)
  • If you haven't noticed, I'm sort of ignoring the Rose MVP debate, or at least not doing my part in the hype. First and foremost, it's not the end of the season yet. But I'll offer this: MVP arguments (the predominantly mainstream ones) are usually silly, and these past few games show why: Rose's play dipped slightly, Bulls won anyway, yet those wins strengthen an MVP case built on saying his teammates would be nowhere without him. And anytime you invoke the team in what is an individual award in the first're probably doing it wrong. That all said: 'deserved' or not, Rose was correct preseason: winning takes care of everything. If the Bulls get that #1 seed, Rose will be MVP, and we can all be happy with that outcome.
  • Now on to actual analysis of Rose's game (instead of his...'aura', or something? I dunno, I'm not a sportswriter), newish Bulls blog Load O' Bull takes a look at Rose's diminishing 3-pt proficiency and how the team could still better utilize Carlos Boozer as a more efficient option.
  • Speaking of Bulls sites you should all check out, I've been enjoying this one, No Bulljive, a lot.