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Rose's end-of-quarter heaves: where the numbers do lie (a bit)

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In the recap of the Wolves game, I noted that 9 three-point attempts was too many for Rose, regardless of whether he made 4 of them. It was then noted in the comments that 2 of those attempts were actually end-of-quarter heaves that shouldn't (practically) be counted against him.

7 attempts is still too many, but that's an absolutely fair point. And it did beg the question of how much of Rose's overall percentages have been adversely affected by chucking at the end of the quarter. Coincidentally, just today some enterprising reader of KC Johnson emailed KC an answer:

So a regular questioner emailed a couple weeks ago to ask how many of Derrick Rose's 3-point attempts have been desperation heaves at ends of quarters and how good his 3-point percentage would be if he hadn't taken them. I responded privately by saying it was a great question, but the only way to determine that would be to comb through the play-by-play of every box score from this season and I had more pressing things to do like a) impaling myself with sharp objects; b) arranging my sock drawer and c) oh, I don't know, saying hi to my kids.

So this dude, name of Kris Konrath, sends me this email Wednesday: "OK, I did it. I looked up the shot charts of every game and counted how many desperation 3s Rose took this year so far. I count a desperation 3 as a 33-foot or more shot at the end of a quarter. By my count, he has taken 19 and I cite them all below."

Um. Wow.

Konrath goes on to detail how Rose's 3-point percentage would be 35.2 percent instead of 33.2 percent if he didn't take these shots and his overall shooting percentage would be 44.3 percent instead of 43.8 percent. Konrath concludes with this beauty: "Yeah, can you tell I have some time on my hands?"

(emphasis mine)

Not that significant, but more significant than 'insignificant', which is what I would've assumed when considering they're impact over the course of a full season.

But more importantly...

I'd like to specifically commend Kris Konrath for not only bringing something interesting to the table, but for having the guts to send it to KC Johnson out of knowing fear of his cackling dismissal. It's true: I too was once denigrated as a time-wasting loner by KC for emailing him some stats about 6 years ago, something about the fouls/minute Ben Gordon was racking up as a rookie. His response hurt me so much that I put it as one of the headers at that site (I have NO idea what has happened since, I'm guessing blogger nuked a lot of templates?), and it still stings to this day. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, KC? Oh, I guess we're both doing the same shit, so nobody. Maybe Kris.