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Derrick Rose takes over the 4th quarter at United Center-North

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I was hoping someone out there would do this: a mix of Rose highlights late in the 4th:

Derrick Rose takes over in 4th quarter vs MIL - HD (via happasaiyan)

To recap:

4:09 Derrick Rose makes free throw 1 of 2 80-83
4:09 Derrick Rose makes free throw 2 of 2 81-83
3:36 Carlos Boozer makes layup (Derrick Rose assists) 83-83
2:50 83-87 Brandon Jennings shooting foul (Derrick Rose draws the foul)
2:50 Derrick Rose makes free throw 1 of 2 84-87
2:50 Derrick Rose makes free throw 2 of 2 85-87
2:28 Joakim Noah makes dunk (Derrick Rose assists) 87-87
1:53 Derrick Rose makes layup 89-87
1:07 Derrick Rose makes 13-foot jumper 91-87
0:42 Derrick Rose makes 14-foot jumper 93-87
0:29 Ronnie Brewer makes layup (Derrick Rose assists) 95-87
0:00 End of the 4th Quarter
0:00 End Game

Only thing that play-by-play is missing is the Rose angry-face. Makes every highlight seem a bit better.

The face and the game are serious. Even post-game in the locker room (featuring a gum-chewing KC Johnson), Rose isn't satisfied (while dropping some profanity!) in saying 'we didn't do shit yet', referencing his previous two first-round losses in the playoffs.

No doubt with the #1 seed and a gimme first-round matchup, those specific demons will be exorcised eventually. But unlikely that will leave Rose satisfied either.

It's still humility, but so very not humble-bot. And that difference is ultimately sideshow, anyway. The game Rose displayed (and drive to execute it) was positively Wade-ian, the version that won the NBA title.