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Bulls 132, Kings 92

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Recap later.

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Sacramento 92.0 100.0 46.6% 31.1 30.8 23.9
Chicago 143.5 68.8% 27.5 33.3 10.9


Just last week the Bulls welcomed in a sorry-ass team and bored their way to a blowout, in a game where the final score wasn't as wide as much of the game felt.

Tonight, outside of the opening stint by the starting unit (where a returning Boozer hasn't completely meshed with Noah yet), this was a full-on destruction. There were even lobs! Between the continually-impressive 2nd unit locking down on defense and then the offensive clinic by the crunch-time outfit (starters +Korver), the game was a laugher by halftime.

(even the unimportant consternation I have over the UC fans were rendered moot: Big Macs were had by the 4th quarter, and Scal was inactive)

So much so that not even Thibodeau stuck with his go-to minute-hogs for too long, a welcome blessing with the Bulls returning to action in less than 24 hours in Atlanta.

I'd say they just need to keep their heads level in remembering not every team is like the Kings (on a back-to-back themselves), but they have proven not to really be the type that needs that reminder.

The only negative of the night was seeing the score as the Celtics came back to defeat the Knicks, and keeping pace for the #1 seed.