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Bulls sign John Lucas III and Jannero Pargo, determined to ruin feel-good season

(not how I wanted to return from vacation)

At least it's a counterbalance to the fawning tributes* over the new top team in the East. From KC:

The Chicago Bulls' Sunday practice is underway, with new signees Jannero Pargo and John Lucas III on the court.

(earlier stories/threads on Pargo, Lucas)

Enjoying the idea that KC feels the need to declare these guys unlikely to play, no doubt fearing a deluge of emails similar to those wondering why Rasual Butler doesn't get more burn. Though I assume that since these guys are (contemptibly) familiar to Bulls fans, the emails would instead be hoping they won't play.

And sure, they won't play...but I don't even want to look at them. They're not good 'insurance' because they don't belong in the league. And I even doubt their ability as 'practice players' since they're fairly old. Why not sign a young (and presumably hungrier) player who could maybe push somebody in practice, and provide a free look heading into next season?

Nah, Bulls have some cash lying around, so instead: give 'em a gift, and invest in some future Org. loyalty. At least Lucas is more of a 'Thibs guy', and I can't be upset if he's getting more say, since Thibs rules.

I hope I don't have to pull a KC and explicitly clarify I don't actually think this is a big deal, but I guess I just did. Warrants a slight shaking of the head, but ultimately: whatever. I do look forward to the future jokes.

*I suppose those don't NEED a counterbalance, though I sometimes feel a bit icky after reading them when they're hammed up too much. Haven't read these particular ones yet.