This week on, "Hollinger Hates Rose"


Ryan (LA) What could possibly be your argument against Rose as MVP OTHER than PER? John Hollinger You mean, besides the fact we're giving it to the key offensive player on the league's 15th-best offense, when the story of the team's surprise season has been their top-rated defense, and he's been the worst defender on the team in terms of plus-minus ... for the second time in three years? Must just be my irrational hater bias at work again. Shane (Nova Scotia) Isn't the only reason Rose is the leading MVP candidate right now because the Bulls are suddenly relevant and it makes for the best story? John Hollinger Pretty much, but it's also a case of connecting dots that sound good but aren't necessarily true -- i.e., the Bulls are having a great year (true), the Bulls only have one great player (true), therefore the Bulls would be garbage without that player (false), and thus that player has the most value (also false). Nick (Chi) Why are so many of your fellow writers picking Rose for the MVP? Are they all forgetting to read your opinion? John Hollinger You'd be amazed how little pull I have. It's like they want to make up their own minds or something. Kevin (Chicago) So we shouldn't assume Rose is making the bulls great, but we should assume that Dwight Howard is making Orlando's defense great. Tell me again, what's the difference? John Hollinger The difference is that nearly all the arguments being made for Rose can be made better for Howard. Michael (Charlotte) Can we get your all-nba first team? John Hollinger Easy call for me -- Kobe, Wade, LeBron, Dirk, Howard. Clearly the five best players in the league this season. vahe (la) Obviously Rose looks like the MVP based on the fact that they weren't expected to be this good, and also Noah and Boozer missed many games. And other then Boozer, no one else is elite offensively besides Rose. It seems that Rose carried this team. John Hollinger "Seems" being the operative logic this year ... look, Rose is a great player, and he's offset my earlier criticism about not getting to the line by drawing a lot more fouls. But the Bulls are winning because of their awesomely good defense, and he's played a minor role in that story. Irational Kobe/Lakers Fan (Syracuse) I don't understand Bulls' fans insistence on Rose as MVP John Hollinger It is getting a little weird, but every fan base has their hot button issue. Speaking of which, I miss the repartee with Utah fans about Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul. We used to be good for about five of those in every chat. Dan (Philly) I know you're not a big DRose fan, but to say that he has not been one of the top 5 players in the league this year is shocking. No one thought the Bulls were going to be this good even if healthy. At what point do you factor in leading your team to victories? John Hollinger OK, Bulls fans, if you want to take this line of reasoning ... I mean, is the rest of your team crap, or is it not? Because to me Rose's argument sort of hinges on whether you think the rest of the team is any good. I happen to think the Bulls' bench, in particular, is shockingly good, and the plus-minus numbers seem to back that up. Thoughts from the crowd? Martin (Los Angeles) As a Bulls fan, its been so long since we have had a player in the MVP discussion.. Excuse us if we are a little over hyped. John Hollinger 13 years may seem like a long time, but a lot of places have waited longer. Will (DC) John, you know how much time we'd have to talk about other NBA happenings if you would just annoint Rose as your pick for MVP and the Bulls as the odds-on favorite to win it all? Nick (Fort Lauderdale) Hollinger, more irrational fan base....Chicago or LA? John Hollinger What's funny is that both get more worked up over criticizing the PLAYER than criticizing the TEAM. I'll still go with L.A. -- Kobe fans are funny because they absolutely lose it if you say anything remotely positive about LeBron James -- but I feeli like they've also lost some of their edginess this year. Bob (Texas) Didn't Dirk's team prove they couldn't win without him? I'll break out my tiny violin for you Bulls/Rose fans when Dirk get's some love sent his way for MVP consideration. John Hollinger Dirk has a strong case. My biggest mark against him is that he did, in fact, miss all those games, and that could end up really costing Dallas in terms of playoff seeding. He's still only 16th in EWA because he didn't play nine games and only played bits of two others. Danny (IL) I am a big Bulls fans, but I also try to remove bias as much as possible (which is very hard). I completely agree that the story has been the defense, and we have Thibodeau to thank for that....however, the name of the game is making the ball into the basket, and Rose has defenitely carried this team many times in the season when no one could score.Oh and I gotta put a little fan-boy in here so here goes: The Bulls are WINLESS (0-1) with Rose out. John Hollinger Hah, that's a good one. I guess we'll let that one point loss in Denver swing the vote ... I agree he's been vital offensively, but he also hasn't been dominant if you look at percentages and TO rates -- more like an extreme high volume guy who can create shots when his teammates can't. There's value in that, but Westbrook and Melo do the exact same thing and nobody is measuring them for a statue. Nick (OB) I want DRose to get snubbed. It would be great for him in the long run and may take him to a different level. Dont you think? John Hollinger I'd be really amazed if award voting affected a player's preparation and work ethic in any meaningful way. But I suppose it couldn't hurt.