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Postgame: Warriors 101 , Bulls 90

Update: Here's the four factors. And a few thoughts. ~S2

Four Factors
CHI 89.9 .525 15.7 23.1 .075 100.1
.519 7.3 14.3 .241 112.4

We came in second. Discuss.

Well, that sucked. The obvious cause of last night's loss was the Bulls inability to break the traps Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis applied to Derrick Rose. CJ Watson came in and laid an egg. I'd say lay some bricks, but he barely managed to hit the rim. I guess the question going forward is how much of the poor performance was caused by an off night vs. how much was caused by a good strategy from Warriors coach Keith Smart (by the way, can we assume he didn't learn that from Don Nelson?). It matters because we'll certainly see that strategy more in the future, and we need to be able to break it.

Another quick guard who can at least somewhat reliably bring the ball up the floor would help. Another area a quick big guard would help is defensively. Overlooked in the talk about Rose's bad game is that the Bulls, IMO, did an uncharacteristically poor job defensively. Ellis and Curry are freaking fast, and we could neither stick with them nor find someone to stop them at the rim. Would this not have been a good night to try to camp out Omer Asik under the basket and tell him to knock down those guys if they got close? Chalkwhite, who wrote up a nice preview, by the way, has a nice recap in which he notes

I don't want to make it seem like we just shot ourselves in the foot- the Warriors had a great game plan. They packed the paint with bodies and dared us to beat them with jumpers. On the other side, we laid out a red carpet to the paint- even when they weren't scoring, Ellis, Curry, Wright and Lee were absolutely living in the paint.

Yeah. So anyway, it's a road game against a well-prepared team. No cause to panic, but, like Derrick Rose, I think losing sucks and we should take some lessons from it.