2010-2011 Game Preview #49: Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors

We finish up the cupcake portion of our West Coast road trip with a visit to the Warriors (before moving on to the Greek Tragedy portion when we go to Portland). The Warriors are a bad-but-not-terrible team who- stop me if you’ve heard this one before- have a high-octane offense but play no defense whatsoever. It’s gotten a little bit better since Don Nelson went back to Hawaii to drink White Russians and go to luaus, but not much.

In our previous meeting we blew them out in the first quarter and finished with a 120-90 victory, although they were playing without David Lee (of course, we were playing without Boozer). I’ll be at the game tonight, since I’m a Chicagoan-in-exile in the Bay Area, so I’m hoping for either a better game than that, or an ungodly performance from Rose.


Derrick Rose vs. Stephen Curry: Curry is a very good young point guard, but saying that he plays "matador defense" is an insult to matadors. He’ll get his, but I think that this is a game Rose could really own. The advantage, as it does against any point guard in the league, goes to Rose.

Keith Bogans vs. Monta Ellis: Monta is the player that people are actually talking about when they call Rose the next Allen Iverson. Volume shooter who adds almost nothing besides his inefficient scoring load. At the same time, of course, if we had him in our starting line-up I’d say we’d be in the Finals this year. Wishes, horses, etc. Thinking about Keith Bogans makes me sad. Advantage: Ellis

Luol Deng vs. Dorell Wright: I’ve seen some gnashing of teeth recently on here about how we should have grabbed Dorell Wright this summer, but I don’t see it. He’s just Korver, but a little bit worse. I know people are down on Korver, but getting his black clone wouldn’t have made us a better team (or, more importantly, made Thibs any more likely to start him). Obviously, since Wright has one basketball skill and Deng has several, Advantage: Deng.

Carlos Boozer vs. David Lee: Two of the so-called "second tier" PF free agents from last year meet up for the first time, since both were injured last time these teams played. Say what you will about Boozer’s defense, but Lee makes him look like the love child of Dwight Howard and Dikembe Mutombo. He just has no interest in using the fact that he’s 6’10" deter people from scoring on his team. Of course, maybe if he had Defensive God Tom Thibodeau coaching him instead of Possibly a Cardboard Cut Out Keith Smart, he’d bep laying better. Advantage: Boozer.

Kurt Thomas vs. Andris Biedrins: Biedrins used to be really good, but may be suffering from Post Don Nelson Stress Syndrome. At any rate, he sucks this year, which is too bad because he had a chance to be a force. Kurt Thomas, of course, is 947 years old, so this one just might be a wash, although Biedrins probably isn’t quite mobile enough to get out on Kurt’s jump shots. When in doubt, take the Bull. Advantage: Thomas.

Go talk smack at Warriors World (although there may be better blogs to do that at- that place seems pretty dead). And look for me jumping out of my seat when Rose dunks and screaming obscenities at the ref from the 23rd row.

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