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It's buyout season, Gar says expect 'nothing significant'

(Heat game recap is below)

Hey, why would we ever?!!! Zing!

Anyway, here's Gar on buyouts from Thursday's press conference:

There will be a buyout market, there always is. We’ll be on top of that. We’ll add a player or two players. I don’t see something that’s going to significantly impact our team. I don’t know when the right time is. But when the opportunity presents itself, we want to position ourselves to be ready to jump on it.

And if you look around, it's hard to disagree. The buyout names I've read are Troy Murphy, Jared Jeffries, Jason Kapono, TJ real SGs to speak of so far. I don't see Rip Hamilton being bought out with the ownership in flux in Detroit (and him not wanting to take a dime less than he's owed). Michael Redd was brought up here but then shut down.

And like the trade deadline, it's really only significant if they could get someone demonstrably better than Keith Bogans. Otherwise we're talking end of the bench (for instance, I wouldn't want TJ Ford as the backup but he's cool in the John Lucas role) and likely D-Leaguers.

If there is someone good, the Bulls do have an edge in that they can use their nearly $3m in cap room whereas other contenders can offer the minimum or whatever exceptions they may have left (I believe Orlando may have some). But as we saw in the offseason, players will take less to go where they want, especially Miami.

(I won't get into the other stuff Gar said about the future CBA and 'home runs' and whatever, that's it's own...thing. )