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The upcoming road trip: just right

As we wait for today's game preview, first Sam Smith takes a look at the Bulls upcoming roadtrip.

It's pretty interesting in it's middling-ness. Not too much travel, not too many games: 5 in 11 nights and no back-to-backs. And the opponents make for a tough stretch, but nothing insurmountable.

It was clear the Bulls were going to fatten up in January, and they followed through admirably. As of now though, the Bulls current overall strength of schedule is 27th in the league (the Central Division will likely keep doing them favors, which is nice) and there's reason to believe they may not be quite as good as they've been with 12 of their last 17 at home.

Not that they need to be fantastic right now, they're still missing Noah. But this upcoming trip will be a definite test, yet setting up nicely enough to be bearable.