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Bulls 'zeroing in' on Hamilton

Hey, not bad if it happens, but this line is a bit concerning to those who wish the Bulls would rather go for, ya know, the best player they could:

Sources said the Bulls never offered the full, four-year midlevel exception of roughly $20.5 million to Richardson, citing luxury-tax concerns.

Meanwhile, the Celtics just traded junk to New Orleans to give David West a three-year deal.

Again, if the Bulls sign Hamilton, that's an interesting and fortunate move. But the idea that they're constraining themselves because of future tax payments will always be disconcerting, especially in the context of them trying to keep up with (or stay ahead of) fellow contenders.

[Forgot to mention: Bulls target (unless it wasn't because they didn't get him) Vince Carter is close to deal with Mavericks]