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2011 Free Agency: Shane Battier signs with Heat, Bulls reportedly 'team to beat' for Caron Butler

Cross Shane Battier off the list, Bulls fans. The Heat's perimeter defense just got scarier.

Pretty sure it's safe to say that Shane Battier will sign with Miami when teams can start signing players on Friday afternoon.

The NBA's fifth-most efficient defense of last season just got a lot better and taller.

On top of being a great defender at 6'8", with the ability to play anywhere on the wing, he's a career 38.5% 3-point shooter with a .527 career eFG% and .559 TS%.

The Bulls met with Caron Butler on Monday, but reportedly have no more meetings set with free agents at this time. Considering they're handcuffed to offering the $5 million mid-level exemption and surgical sign-and-trades, they're forced to wait for Jason Richardson and the like of -- gulp -- Butler, Vince Carter, and.... (I'm just gonna stop there) to test their market value. [Even though the Bulls haven't made an offer, Woj is reporting the Bulls are 'the team to beat' for Butler -ed.]

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