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Schedule update: Bulls will face Heat not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times this season

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Brian Windhorst tweeted Monday that the Bulls and Heat will play against each other a whopping four times in the shortened 66-game regular season:

Here's some good news: Heat will play Bulls four times, first game in Miami will be Jan. 29.
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Good times.

In other scheduling news:

  • The Bulls will unfortunately not host the Lakers, so the Christmas Day in L.A. will be the only regular season matchup between the two teams.
  • The only two pre-season games to be played by the Bulls will both be against the Pacers on Dec. 16 in Indy and Dec. 20 in Chicago.
  • The regular season starting in L.A. will make for a four-game road trip, as traveling will be difficult enough to jam 66 games into about four months. After the opener, the Bulls will play the Warriors in northern California on the 26th, the Kings in Sacramento on the 28th, and the fourth is yet to be leaked determined, K.C. Johnson reports, adding the home opener will be played Jan. 1.
  • The NBA announced all teams will play six teams in their conference four times (assumedly every team in one's division), eight teams three times (four times twice at home, four teams once), three times twice (once at home), 12 teams once (six at home)

The full regular season schedule will reportedly be released Tuesday.