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Scal back from Europe, looking for work

Last year's 12th-13th man Brian Scalabrine two-month contract in Italy is up and after a relatively good run, he's elected to come back to the States without a job, rather than re-sign overseas. And his coach in Italy isn't too happy about it. Also, I'm not the only one who wants him back with the Bulls.

Scal's not even a serviceable NBA player, but there's no question that he'd be an asset to any Bulls team coached by Tom Thibodeau. Kelly Dwyer agrees:

After all, each of Scal's NBA coaches has lauded his professionalism, and his work with the Chicago Bulls last year as a type of player-coach should not be dismissed in the slightest despite just 88 regular season minutes played.

In helping Tom Thibodeau explain his defensive schemes to a young Bulls team last year, Scalabrine played a strong role with the team that ended the season with the NBA's best record. If I can put on my Bulls jersey, pantsuit, and beer-helmet (I own none of those, but would love the helmet) for a second, I would love to see Scalabrine on Chicago's bench again this year, and you know I'm more than mindful of his advanced (or box score) statistics.

Scal can make a hell of a lot more at the end of a bench as an NBA veteran this year, but at which point is it in his interest to put all of his eggs in the basket of the opportunity to join Thibs' coaching staff at a much cheaper price to the Bulls franchise? This is really what Scal has to consider, as there's likely more demand in his skills as a specialist coach in a suit than an NBA veteran in a suit.

NBA teams have to know that this is his only true value to a team, but -- again -- never underestimate the way stupid GMs can inflate the value of average players, let alone bad ones. So, Scal returning to the Bulls may end up costing the veteran minimum, as more teams implementing intricate help schemes may pay Scal players' money to coach a young defensive anchor.

The value in Scal with the Bulls isn't in Scal's production, but in the further education of Joakim Noah, Omer Asik, and Taj Gibson. And, hey, we all know Carlos Boozer can't get any worse.