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Report: Bulls "considered one of the favorites" to sign Jason Richardson

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From the Saginaw News, Jason Richardson's hometown paper (in a way)

The Chicago Bulls are considered one of the favorites to land Richardson, but rumors have also linked him with the Boston Celtics. He has also been linked to the team that drafted him, the Golden State Warriors.

(ht: GSOM)

There's then a quote from Magic GM Otis Smith saying he wants Richardson back, but since that time rumor broke out he's after Jamal Crawford, which would seemingly complicate things.

Richardson's been a logical target for a while, and this isn't meant to push ahead new rumors. I more just wanted to add his name back on the list that's been building since the pseudo-Free Agency period began.

And one thing I've read a lot of is how Richardson will have to take a 'pay-cut' to come to the Bulls. Granted he will definitely have a pay cut, from any team, in relation to the over $14m he made last season. But with the full MLE, the Bulls can likely give Richardson his best offer, as would any team that's currently under the cap pay more than that to someone turning 31 soon after the season begins?

Richardson's age and changing game gives me second thoughts about a full MLE offer anyway. And you'd certainly hope it will be something like a 2-year deal as he'll likely follow a trajectory similar to Michael Finley as he gets deeper into his 30s. This quick blurb from Orlando Pinstriped Post at the outset of free agency concerned me most:

Orlando's most glaring flaw is its play on the wings, and more specifically shot creation from the wings. Jason Richardson did little in his 60-game Magic career to indicate he has the shot-creating ability requisite for an Orlando two-guard.

Richardson has size, shooting, and defensive ability, but that absence of playmaking lessens my thrill if he took this pay cut to join the Bulls. Especially since it will be the most money the Bulls could spend on anyone this offseason and perhaps future offseasons.