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Bulls roster-fringe update: Report indicates Chicago not in on Joel Przybilla derby

The Bulls went into the season never adequately replacing Kurt Thomas as the 5th big man, but one reported name a few weeks back was Joel Przybilla.

The latest update on Przybilla comes from Gery Woefel (via PBT):

Afterward, [Bill] Duffy told The Journal Times that the Bucks are still pursuing his client.

"They made it clear how much they want him,'' Duffy said. "I think it would be a good fit.''

Przybilla, 31, is drawing interest from several teams, according to Duffy. While Duffy wouldn't reveal those teams, league sources said Miami and the Los Angeles Clippers are among them.

As noted in the article, the Bucks have a hole at backup center. The Bulls certainly don't. The Heat and Clippers also presumably have more playing time opportunity than the Bulls, with an edge over the Bucks in terms team success as well. All signs pointing to this option not looking good.

No word on how much Przybilla's marketing concerns factor into this.