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NBA Rumors: Bulls wait on Rip, re-sign Scal, and Clippers seize the day

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The Bulls appear to be a lock to sign Rip Hamilton once he clears waivers on Wednesday. And thus this offseason's search for a SG is over. There's little point to sign anyone who's rotation-level now with Rip joining Brewer, Korver, and Watson as options at the position, as more doesn't always equal better.

And Rip doesn't equal great, as I'm a bit worried about his recent rise in injuries. You can use the 'marathon runner' description with him both ways: he's been able to stay in shape and accumulate a lot of minutes...but he's also accumulated a lot of minutes.

But it still will be exciting to see him in the starting lineup, simply because he's a threat. My ideal SG acquisition had the ballhandling and playmaking capabilities to spell Rose and provide a second shot-creator when Rose faced aggressive double-teams. And Hamilton may not be much of that, but compared to relative statues like Bogans, Korver, and even Deng (when he has the ball, anyway), Hamilton may as well be Pete Maravich.

It also fits in the Bulls non-aggressive mindset when it comes to player acquisition. You can debate whether the Bulls need a higher-upside move to keep up with Miami and even the Mavs or other contenders, but there appears to be no mistake that the Bulls themselves don't feel that pressure. Which is something for another post, I suppose.

In the interim they stayed up on their housekeeping, which, per usual, involves giving money away to players who don't belong in the league, and re-upped Brian Scalabrine for a non-guaranteed contract. I get it, he helps Thibs coach. But is it worth the dumbass 'Scal-A-Brine' chants tainting the end of a Bulls win? I say no: leave that for the Big Mac. With no other acquisitions on the horizon, it's also looking like the Bulls were throwing a few hundred thousand each to Pargo and Lucas not for trade-matching, but for kicks. It's nice work to be an Org. soldier if you can get it.

(I admit that last paragraph is nitpicking, but it's interesting to not what the Bulls spend on and what they don't.)

Around the league:

  • Most newsworthy team from this afternoon: The Clippers! The Chris Paul deal (Clips version) looks to be dead again, but they are the first-ever team to win an Amnesty auction, claiming Chauncey Billups. This is big news for the Bulls as it was looking very likely Billups was going to whine his way through this waiver process and go to the Heat as a free agent. So credit the process for working as intended, even if it needed a little nudge from the league to Billups to do so.
  • The Clips also matched Golden State's 4/$43m offer for DeAndre Jordan. This should be a pretty startling concern for fans wanting to retain Omer Asik, who becomes a restricted free agent after the season. And reason why the Bulls reps leaking stuff to KC (Gar F....sorry, G. Forman) should just stop using 'luxury tax concerns' as a phrase if only to keep us ignorantly happy.
  • James Posey was also waived via Amnesty. Screw that guy. But the Pacers continue to be interesting after signing David West, their supposed interest in OJ Mayo, and now potentially freeing up more cap space for another move with this Amnesty cut. Not 'interesting' in that they're a real threat for the conference, but the fun-to-watch kind.
  • And while I typed this, Delonte West was just signed by the Mavs. Not saying it's preferable to how the Bulls operate, but the Mavs take chances like this, whereas I had little belief that they'd touch West or J.R. Smith. And ya know what? Rip Hamilton is certainly a more dependable option than either, and I'm serious.