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Rip Hamilton 'expected to sign with Bulls' Wednesday after clearing waivers

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The Pistons officially waived Richard Hamilton Monday and is expected to clear the obligatory 48-hour waiver period; after which the Bulls are "expected to sign" him for a couple of seasons at the full mid-level exemption level of $5 million per year, K.C. Johnson reports:

The Tribune reported on Sunday night that Hamilton would be waived Monday. Barring an unforeseen claim off waivers, a process that takes 48 hours, the Tribune reported Hamilton will sign a two-year, $10 million deal, likely on Wednesday.

Arron Afflalo's probably staying with the Nuggets; Jason Richardson's staying with the Magic; Jamal Crawford is either going to the Knicks or dollar-chasing to the Timberwolves, who knows; Vince Carter's going to the Mavericks; Grant Hill is staying with the Suns; Nick Young's en route to becoming someone's albatross contract; etc.

So Hamilton's become a logical conclusion.

If you're unsure how excited you should be, yfBB and I wrote posts on this here and here.