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Notes from Bulls Media Day: Rose (again) isn't recruiting players this offseason, and moving on from Keith and Kurt

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BREAKING: Derrick Rose is an introvert.

Now that that's out of the way, he isn't the strategist or scientist type of introvert, but someone who operates at high levels kinda' being in his own world. Personality traits like Rose's are commonly misunderstood as from narcissistic to insecure, but the reality is that the motive and preference are usually mutually exclusive.

So, it should be of no surprise that -- like the 2010 offseason, when Rose didn't meet with or call LeBron James, Chris Bosh, etc. -- Rose isn't recruiting free agents the Bulls are targeting to add to the roster, he openly admitted at Media Day on Sunday:

"It's just me, man," Rose said. "If it's not coming from the front office, you're not going to hear me saying anything about recruiting anyone. The city speaks for itself, especially for basketball. If you want to come here, opportunity is here. The front office is great. Our fans are the best.

"I wouldn't trade my teammates for anything in the world. Our front office does a great job picking guys with the right attitude. They just want to win."

How you want to react to this is solely up to you, but be mindful of the fact that he's: (a) still only a 23-year-old; (b) has a thick skin, but a degree of introversion that's just his personality and not his fault that it's uncommon for celebrities whom financial powers choose to market; and (c) everyone who has scouted him, drafted him, represented him, and been a fan of him knew exactly who he was -- in this sense -- four years ago. Translation: if anyone has a problem with this, that's their (your) problem, not Rose's.

If you want to solve it, make a time machine and draft Michael Beasley; see how that works out for you.

Other Bulls nuggets from KC on media day:

  • Gar Forman pretty much officially saying goodbye to Keith Bogans.
  • Rip Hamilton has not been officially waived, and then when he is it's 48 hours until he's cleared. KC is setting odds on a Wednesday signing with the Bulls.
  • With Kurt Thomas going to the Blazers, Bulls 'could be contacting' the oft-injured yet often-effective Joel Przybilla.

Other notes from around the league:

  • Dwight Howard is expressing bitterness toward Magic management because they weren't able to land enough of the players he requested they target.
  • David West signed a two-year deal with the Pacers for $20 million. That's not good news, but it's better than him joining the other team targeting him hard -- the Celtics.
  • Not sure if Chauncey Billups is simply being assertive or being a total knucklehead. You be the judge.
  • Mike Bibby signed with the Knicks. The terms weren't disclosed. Ho-hum.
  • The latest in the Chris Paul saga sees the Clippers in the lead. If so, that will indeed be a better 'basketball reasons' trade for the Hornets, as the Clips have lottery picks and young talent, something the vetoed trade didn't. Chris Paul talk should go here.