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The possibly final lockout update, and links to sorta Bulls-related videos

I tried being a lockout blogger for the first few weeks. Not a very effective one, but hopefully enough to direct you all to the more informed to get yourselves more informed if you wished that.

But...I don't even wish to be much more informed myself anymore. Which is a pretty timely position for me, since there hasn't been much negotiation as much as there's been posturing. We know why BRI is the most important, and why 'system issues' matter too. Tom Ziller is doing an amazing job at the mothership chronicling all of this.

But even he don't know is how much of any of these issues matter to which side most, and to what degree. The only way that's possibly found out is after an agreement. Though depending on how you want to interpret things, could be as soon as tomorrow.

And whenever it happens, we won't care who won. Or maybe more correctly: how much owners won. We specifically won't care about BRI, as that's for each side's coffers only. System issues are what's of concern to the fan, especially ones of a team that's hypothetically likely close to whatever cap/tax that will hinder them from adding talent. But while we can dream of amnesty targets, or fear a future where the Bulls will have real-er reasons not to best leverage their profitability, without knowing the rules it's not so much fun to play the game.

But when it does begin, the new offseason will be furiously packed in a month, and it'll be great. Not enough to forgive what we've been put through the past few months, but much much better than enduring it for several more.

So while we sit on the eve of doomsday, part twelve, some videos!