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Jerry Reinsdorf says: sure, he'll pay the tax. Meanwhile, options abound.

As I'm one to feverishly post whenever mention of the Bulls being scared of the tax is mentioned, it's only fair I do so when the opposite is reported.

From KC:

Chicago Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Wednesday reiterated through a team spokesman that he would give strong consideration to incurring the luxury tax if the player acquisition gave the team a reasonable chance to win a championship.

That answer is similar in sentiment to Reinsdorf's response on the subject from a 2009 interview. However, with a more punitive luxury tax poised to take effect in 2013-14 of the pending 10-year collective bargaining agreement, as well as increased revenue sharing, the question applied anew.

You can pick that wording apart, of course, but it's better to hear that from the man himself than sourced speculation suggesting the opposite. They certainly get little credit for locking up Derrick Rose to an extension. That's less of a 'top priority' as it is a mandatory priority. Whatever he can be offered is still less than he's worth, so the Bulls get a bargain and should get it out of the way ASAP.

But actions speak loudest, right? Names that popped up on Wednesday include Shane Battier, Grant Hill, and Caron Butler. I can only assume there will be much more to come, and I've pretty much already forgotten the lockout.