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The search for a Shooting Guard: if not an upgrade, then what?

After days of reading vacillating degrees of acquisitions for the Bulls, an act that perhaps reached its low point with the recent report that the Bulls could stay internal at SG and instead acquire a backup PG like TJ Ford, I'm starting to come around to something: What really constitutes an upgrade at SG for the Bulls?

What I've sometimes caught my mind doing is being in that anybody-but-Bogans mindset, as he was technically the starter at the position. But Bogans famously played few minutes, and that spot was instead mostly manned by CJ Watson, Ronnie Brewer, and Kyle Korver, the latter two being the options at the end of games and in those backbreaking final quarters against the Heat in the playoffs.

The Bulls can start a better SG simply by not re-signing Bogans, or re-signing him and telling Thibs to cut out that starting nonsense. And then adding TJ Ford or someone similar isn't that bad of an idea: the Bulls could use a 3rd PG who'd help spell Rose and allow Watson to soak up more SG minutes.

But that wouldn't be enough of an upgrade at the position. I look at the need at that position from two issues:

  1. The single-possession problem of Rose being on the floor with nobody else who can create shots or really even create movement. Especially evident in the Heat series, if Rose is trapped oftentimes plan B was nonexistent.

  2. The entire-season problem of Rose having to be the ballhandler, facilitator, and scorer on every possession of every minute he played, and the requirement for him to play so many minutes in the first place.

Are those issues really solved by some of the more middling names we've heard recently than it would by reshuffling the guards currently on the roster? On an absolute level I'd rather play Vince Carter than Keith Bogans, but I'd also rather play Ronnie Brewer than Vince Carter.

And I do believe it could indeed hurt to bring in another body who's good enough to want minutes but not good enough to seize them. Brewer/Korver/Watson all deserve time too, and if you bring in a 4th SG on their level it may be enough to breed discontent for not much of a reward.

My preferred plan (and this was reintroduced to my consciousness on the recent Bulls Beat podcast) is trading for an overpaid (which means, available) pseudo-star like Iguodala, Ellis (good FanPost on that here), Mayo, or Gordon. it's not just some kind of principle that drives the desire to spend more this offseason on an upgrade, it's also the idea that if you're going to go for a better SG, make sure he's better to the point where the roster and coach knows it. So when we fantasize over our next matchup with Miami we'll know who's definitely on the floor in crunch time, not wishing we could combine our existing pieces into super-SG Kylie Brewver.

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