The Monta Ellis Solution

The solution to the 2 guard position is obvious, but we've been ignoring it. Delonte West? Tracy McGrady? Come on. The Bulls are going up against a colossal power in the Heat. They have 2 of the 5 best players in the game. Vince Carter? CJ Watson??? The Knicks are very much in the hunt for CP3. The Bulls don't need a band-aid, they need a game changer.

Enter: Monta Ellis

The facts - Monta Ellis is a bit of a bonehead. He can be a malcontent. He may or may not have an ongoing feud with several teammates over the past two seasons. So be it.

Monta Ellis is a legit scoring 2 guard in this league. He can play the 1 or the 2. He can finish at the rim and shoot 3s. He is a human energizer bunny who has been among the league leaders in minutes the last couple of years. He simply isn't a player that will be easy for the Celtics, Knicks or Heat to cover. With the Bulls solid D, he can be eased into the flow. You'd still have Bogans as a potential back-up, with Butler getting spot minutes. You could sign McGrady or still use the mid level to go after a guy like Battier or Carl landry (I know dreaming) or another defensive big. Regardless, he is the only legit option out there that adds another weapon to this team at a reasonable price (besides possibly Thornton on the mid level).

The trade:

GS: Ellis to Bulls for Taj Gibson, Ronnie Brewer and CJ Watson.

Mark Jackson has said he wants to change the culture of Golden State. What better way to do it than by adding 3 defensive first players from a winning team. Remember, GS just drafted a SG. All 3 players would immediately join GS rotation with Brewer likely earning a starting spot. Look at the GS roster, its terrible. They could use the depth All 3 guys would play significant roles.

Ellis is due $11 million a year for the next 3 years, with a team option on the final year of his contract. Plus there is the option of using the amnesty on him if things go south. He is fairly dynamic player that provides some insurance in case Rose actually has to miss a few games during the season. If Rose and Ellis could learn to play together they could be the quickest backcourt in the league, always dangerous on the break, and a team that racks up free throws. The benefits outweigh the costs, especially when you consider amnesty. The bulls should pursue Monta ellis.

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