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Derrick Rose: "I'm not going anywhere"

Derrick Rose was in Houston recently for a charity game hosted by John Lucas*, and had this to say in response to the possibility of playing overseas:

I'm not going anywhere, I'm good. I'm just trying to stay in a nice place where you never know what will happen, or what can happen, what will happen [man, that was some odd phrasing to read -ed.]. Now, I'm trying to keep myself in nice shape, and stay positive. Hopefully, we'll have a season.

(via PBT)

In line with that thinking, Rose didn't even play in the charity game.

As exemplified most recently with J.R. Smith's unfortunate start in China, playing basketball is a risk. I do find it interesting that Rose has been so staunchly against participating in exhibitions or seriously entertaining overseas offers if only because he has not reached that glorious second contract in his career, a fact he pointed out earlier this lockout. Maybe the Adidas money was that good.

But this is obviously good news from a Bulls fan perspective, unless you really wanted to simply see Derrick Rose play basketball in any capacity. But then again, he has played in the Philippines already with brother/adviser indicating everybody has a price, so we'll see how Rose's most recent words hold up as this thing dragggggggs on.

(speaking to that last point, here's two reminders that this lockout needs to end)

*Not the wing sauce-stained substitute-of-all-seasons who's remarkably still on the Bulls roster. His former player and coach and addict-helping father.