UPDATED: Potential Amnesty Clause Candidates - SG Options?

[Bumping this from our lockout time. Also check out this newer amnesty roundup at Bulls Confidential, with the disclaimer: "a completely futile exercise that should not be bothered with or considered since you'll miss free agency if you wait around." . I'm inclined to agree that the bid process may have nobody go through waivers if they can claim a player and then trade him. Not sure you can do that though. -ed.]

With the new CBA, there's a good chance that an amnesty clause of some sort is created, as there was with the last CBA in 2005.  ESPN has released this team-by-team breakdown of what players would be let go under such a scenario.  

The Bulls likely wouldn't make use of this clause themselves, and I really don't see a convincing argument for why they should.  I know there are probably some people out there who would be in favor of jettisoning Carlos Boozer, but we're just not gonna find a better PF through free agency, so I fail to see how outright releasing him would do us any favors.  In any case, Marc  Stein and Chad Ford apparently have sources indicating that the Bulls brass isn't even considering that option.

The way this amnesty clause could affect the Bulls is by making the shallow pool of SG candidates just a little bit deeper.  Scrolling through the names listed in the ESPN article, there are some attractive names:

The name that's most intriguing to me is Portland's Brandon Roy.  A couple years ago, Roy was probably the third-best SG in the NBA behind only Kobe and Wade, but injuries have derailed what once looked like a hall-of-fame career.  Stein and Ford seem pretty convinced that the Blazers would proceed to cut ties with Roy, and on a less expensive deal, I think he could really help the Bulls.  He proved in the playoffs this past April that he can still take over a game.  He would obviously be a pretty risky endeavor, but if he can regain his pre-injury form, he'd take the Bulls to another level.

One name that I'm sure will be pretty polarizing is a certain Mr. Ben Gordon.  It's no big secret that signing the Bulls' former 6th man extraordinaire hasn't worked out so well for Detroit and they would probably jump at the chance to get out of the contract.  However, Detroit has some other pretty awful contracts on the books that they'd like to get rid of in Rip Hamilton (another SG option) and Charlie Villanueva, and as much as they'd like to, they can't dump all these guys.

There are also some other semi-attractive names on the list, like Gilbert Arenas, Josh Childress, and a few others.  Discuss.

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