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Deng is one of the newest faces on a British currency

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deng brixton pound
deng brixton pound

Luol Deng was honored in the British town where his family emigrated from Sudan by becoming one of the newest of its five-pound note:

The Brixton pound is celebrating its second anniversary by launching a new set of notes featuring famous former local residents. Academic and activist Lenford Kwesi Garrison is on the £1 note, Chicago Bulls and Great Britain basketball star Luol Deng is on the fiver, David Bowie (in Aladdin Sane make-up) is on the £10 and second world war secret agent Violette Szabo is on the £20.

All I know about Brixton is from one of my favorite Clash songs, so I won't pretend to know more about this.

But the monies are pretty.

(h/t: Ariel Sandler)