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Lockout progress, or not. (OR: Derrick Rose has something to say, not as much to do.)

Yeah, that lockout thing is still going on. It's gone so far beyond 'I don't care' to where it's now annoying to say 'I don't care'. There's been reported progress today, but...ya know...yeah.

Though while getting all down about the non-news, it's still nice to be informed, so make sure to be looking to the SBNation storystream for the latest. That thing was meant for this kind of story. And I don't mean the kind being 'crappy' as much as 'has a lot of updates'. If you need your information in faster and smaller chunks, I recommend Ken Berger's lockout stakeout twitter feed.

(Meanwhile, this video has me missing the NBA. This one has me missing going to the United Center.)

The other story in Bulls-ville beyond the lockout was the whereabouts of Derrick Rose. He was rumored to be heading to an all-star barnstorming global tour beginning in Puerto Rico next week, but he in fact turned down the opportunity. Since then other big names have followed the MVP in pulling out (maybe only a correlation that they left after Rose did, but lets just say it that way for fun), and the whole thing may be in jeopardy. (Update: Latest reconfigured roster includes Carlos Boozer) Does that news have something to do with positive lockout talks, perchance? Veteran observers say nay. Crud.

Rose did recently go to Hawaii on a USO-sponsored trip. Which is great, but while there he gave the facepalm-inducing suggestion to completely eliminate the rookie contract scale. Now, all the headlines I've seen say he's calling for an abolition of 'the salary cap', but that doesn't look to be the case. But saying this wasn't that much more productive.

Not that his comments will effect much either way, and to circle back to the beginning, I think we're so far beyond wanting this to be over to even say 'we want it to be over' anymore. So lets end with a nice fan photo of Rose on the tour with a guy wearing a Basketball Jones shirt. I mention that shirt specifically because they're doing a live taping in Chicago next week, and it should help these lockout blues.