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NBA Lockout + other links: Mediation fails, Rose heading elsewhere (temporarily)

This week was the super-important independent mediation portion of the NBA lockout talks. And while some progress was apparently had in the past few days, it was mostly on 'system' stuff and not the BRI question. And thus, talks have broken off again, and it may mean a big break between they even meet next. Which likely means missed games for sure. Fun.

As always, follow the SBNation storystream for the quickest and most relevant updates. It's really a great way to cover this, even though the 'this' is such dogshit.

Meanwhile, Derrick Rose is taking his game elsewhere for a bit: first for a confirmed USO trip to Hawaii, then reportedly part of an All-Star collaboration going overseas for some exhibitions:

Atlanta business mogul Calvin Darden has been putting the tour together with the players' agents for nearly three months. He has already obtained signed contracts from Bryant, Wade, Bosh, Griffin, Rondo and Pierce. Sources say he's hoping to complete the rest of the agreements, along with insurance requirements, over the next few days.


Even so, sources warned that the tour has not yet been finalized and there's still a chance it could unravel.

The tour, scheduled to begin Oct. 30 and end Nov. 9, will make stops in Puerto Rico, London, Macau, and Australia. Each game will be staged in an arena that holds at least 15,000 fans. Two games each will be played at sites in London and Australia.

Darden is hoping to broadcast the games in as many international markets as possible and perhaps in the United States as well.

The players will be paid, receiving salaries ranging from six figures up to $1 million, sources said. Some of the money generated by the tour will be donated to charity.

Very far from ideal, but I'd rather see Derrick Rose than David Stern on my television/internetmachine. And as Derrick Rose's brother has said, while the MVP doesn't like pickup games, he'll go for a price.